We understand the challenges that families of special needs children face and strive to help children with special needs to coordinating their care, and providing physicals and urgent care in a familiar environment.

“Having an autistic daughter, it was always difficult to bring her to the doctor. Whenever I did, we had to hold her down screaming so her doctor could look into her ears. Dr Kulich was able to look in her ears while she was playing with her favorite toys in our living room.  This was possibly the easiest doctors visit we have ever had with ——-.”

We have extensive network to address your child’s developmental and individualized needs.

Early intervention agencies

CPSE Agencies

Speech Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Sensory Gyms to facilitate Sensory Integration

DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Doctors affiliated with the Autism Research Institute.

Acupuncturists (also providing acupressure)

Nutritionists to help facilitate Gluten Free Casein Free Diets. (GFCF)