We offer all pediatric immunizations and vaccines. (including Flu shots)

We provide in-home and hotel room urgent care at a level that is unmatched by any physicians office, walk in clinic, ER or urgent care center.

We stock common medicines (including full courses of liquid antibiotics).  If necessary, a full course will be dispensed free of charge. If we do not stock the medicine your child needs, we will call it in to the pharmacy of your choice.

We arrive and bring all the necessary equipment to deal with your child’s illness at your home. We are celebrity discreet.

We can do everything your doctor can do in their office, in the comfort of your home, such as:

Strep Tests
Flu Tests
RSV Tests
Glucose Checks
Pulse Oximetry
Breathing Treatments

Vision and hearing tests are also performed.

Portable Radiology (such as X rays and ultrasounds) and EKGs are also available in the home. 

More complicated blood/urine tests can be drawn and collected at your home and are taken by us to the appropriate lab.

We treat newborns - 21 years.

Patients over 21 please contact Dr Ronald Primas at www.TravelMD.com