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“Your child deserves no less than a Board Certified Pediatrician”


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For families who demand a higher level of service than a traditional pediatric office practice, our VIP Concierge package is ideal. Families enrolled in the concierge plan will have Dr Kulich as their primary care pediatrician. Advantages of the concierge plan include:


· 24/7 Phone/text/Facetime consultations

· Priority in appointment scheduling

· Comprehensive care for all children in the household, from birth to college student

· Late Night Access

· Sleep Consultations

· Hospital Care at Cornell, NYU, Mt Sinai, and Lenox Hill Hospitals

· Access to the best specialists in the New York Metro area and beyond

· Access to Dr Kulich’s exclusive network of concierge pediatricians around the country for assistance when traveling.


Membership is limited to 100 Families


“It was a great decision for our family to sign up for Dr Kulich's pediatrician services. Both my husband and I work full-time, so when our son gets sick, we never have to wonder who needs to go to the doctor with him or whether he will get sicker by going to a doctor's office in the middle of a flu season. We simply call or text Dr Kulich, and he either consults over the phone, or visits our home. He has a good intuition, and his advice has always worked. He has excellent bedside manner, calms me down and gives practical advice (I am one of those paranoid mothers imagining the worst). We recommend Dr Kulich for any family who is looking for a great pediatrician and wants the convenience of house calls.”

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