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Experienced, Board Certified, Concierge Pediatrician

in the greater New York City, NJ, and CT area

Instead of an unpleasant experience for a child’s sickday, a pediatric medical house call can be made


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Welcome to KidsHousecalls! Our practice is the most established, reliable and reputable Pediatric House call service in the New York Metro area. Dr Edward Kulich is a Board Certified Pediatrician who practices concierge medicine, and is available 24/7 in the comfort of your home.  We pride ourselves on delivering high quality routine care, comprehensive, and urgent care. Experience the quality and convenience that so many New York families have grown to depend on.



Dr Kulich is a member of:

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Board of Pediatrics

American Academy of Home Care Physicians

American Academy Of Concierge Pediatricians


24/7 Housecalls

My philosophy is that an ill child should not wait until business hours for relief, and deserves the best care regardless of when illness strikes.

-Edward Kulich M.D.

We provide an experienced, Ivy League educated, Board Certified Pediatrician to arrive at your home, along with all the necessary equipment (including common antibiotics).


We are able to manage every common pediatric issue that is routinely treated in an office, and provide unmatched comfort and convenience of a housecall.


We perform common rapid tests such as Flu/Strep/RSV/Urine/Glucose which provide results within minutes. We also dispense full courses of common pediatric antibiotics (as appropriate) to further facilitate your privacy and comfort. Portable radiology (X rays and ultrasounds) are also available


We are also happy to serve as a complement to your regular pediatrician in the off hours. We provide detailed communication to your primary physician the next day.



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