Conditions Treated

· Fever

· Colds

· Flu

· Strep Throat

· Ear infections

· Cough

· Bronchitis

· Asthma

· Sinus infections

· Pneumonia

· Tonsillitis

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea


· Allergies

· Special needs children


· Rashes

· Eczema

· Abscess


· Impetigo

· Insect Bites

· Skin infections

· Minor Burns

· Suture removal

· Pinkeye

· Nursemaid’s Elbow

· Swimmers ear

· Headache

· Swollen glands

· Urinary Tract Infections

· Travel Medicine

Routine and alternative vaccination schedules are accommodated. Families who choose not to vaccinate are also accommodated. Vaccine Policy

We also offer laceration repair with traditional stitches and with the Dermabond and Indermil (laceration, wound closure glue).



Instead of an unpleasant experience for a child’s sickday, a pediatric medical house call can be made

Last minute Physicals available

All Pediatric Vaccinations Available



24/7 Housecalls

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